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Chemistry from the standpoint of the user. A modern laboratory needs more than just fully automated machines. The importance of processing chemicals must not be underestimated - after all, operators place high demands on the concepts behind these compounds. Superior chemical engineering offers effective solutions. Specific product lines were developed in order to meet the demands of various customer groups. Depending on machine type and individual processing conditions, various concepts are used in order to meet the users key criteria - chemicals that are odourless, easier to process, and economical.


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Odourless and convenient

Shop-in-shop minilabs, photo sections of department stores, shopping centres, and supermarkets, in particular, need odourless photographic chemicals. ergoline is a concept with a bright future - a concept that meets all the needs of modern minilabs.

The advantages:

All ergoline chemicals are supplied exclusively in packaging suitable for the minilab. They generally have fewer parts than the standard products and produce a maximum of 10 litres of replenisher. ergoline chemicals are based upon the “Advanced Odourless Technology”. Agents with a strong odour are replaced by modern odourless substances.


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