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Prevent microbial growth in photo processing water tanks


Art. Nr 106080



There are several reasons why biofilm build-up occurs during photo processing—primarily in the form of washing tank slime. In rare cases, the biofilm can be traced back to algae. In general, however, it results from the growth of resistant bacteria and moulds.

The conditions for growth are perfect: an ideal temperature, favourable pH values, mineral salts and an organic substrate (gelatine) contaminate the water and, in some cases, slow down the whole operation. Impurities on the film make photo processing more difficult. Silver reclamation and ion exchange become inefficient. Blocked filters, restricted mechanical operation and disagreeable odours really foul things up! All this results in unnecessary and costly labour hours needing to be spent on cleaning and maintenance.
Application By consistently using our Algenex tablets (which come with their own dispenser), you can prevent the formation of algae and slime in water baths.

Before using Algenex tablets for the first time, you will need to thoroughly clean the water tank and the transport rack. Once the equipment has been cleaned, simply hang the Algenex tablet dispenser in an area of the water tank where there is a good water flow (preferably directly below or adjacent to the water inlet). You only need to replace the Algenex tablet once every two or three weeks, depending on the rate of water consumption and the size of your water tank.

Algenex tablets may not be used in combination with other chemicals and are only suitable for B/W processes, i.e. they are not suitable for colour processing.



Algenex tablets

10 tablets of 20 g each

(each with its own ”hang-on” dispenser)