Black and White Tetenal chemicals


 tetenal Neofin blue


One-shot developer for negatives with the highest resolution and exceptional sharpness. The films' speed is fully exploited. Ideal for slow/medium speed films.

art. 100126




ultrafin tetenal



Universal black and white film developer producing an excellent speed yield, fine grain and great resolution. Dilution variable 1+10 up to 1+30 depending upon required contrast and film emulsion. One-shot developer.

art. 100152  - 0,25 litr conc. for 20 films 135/36

art. 100154 - 1 litr conc. for 80 films 135/36



tetenal ultrafin T plus 

Ultrafin T-Plus

Art. Nr 102112

Fine Grain Developer designed for all B/W films, ideal for T-Grain films, such as Ilford Delta or Koda T-Max.Well balanced tone reproduction with special differen -tiation of shadow areas, perfect for push processing.


0,5l conc. for up to 30 films

Replaces Plus Art. No.102123 and 102125


paranol s tetenal

Paranol S

Art. No. 102106

Outstanding film developer based on p-Aminophenolwith extremely high acutance and high emulsion speedyield. Compatible with Agfa Rodinal. The abbreviation “S“ stands for the excellent sharpness of this developer.

Ideally suited for low to medium speed B/W negative films. Paranol S is a one shot developer and should be mixed to the required volume from concentrate and water only immediately before the developing process.


1 part concentrate to 25 or 50 parts water. The dilution varies according to the film material used and required contrast.


30 s agitation while continuously moving the developer drum in the first 30 seconds, afterwards agitation every 30 seconds

0,25 l conc. for up to 25 films 135-36

neopress tetenal 


Neopress HC

art.  100111







art. 102176



eukobrom tetenal









eukobrom ac tetenal 

Eukobrom AC

art. 100250


Variospeed W

art. 102446

art. 102448





Variobrom WA

art. 102134

art. 102136


Centrabrom S

art. 107143



art. 100272


Eukoprint VR

art. 106887


Superfix Plus

art. 102760



art. 103067

1 litr conc.


Variofix Powder


2 x 5 litrs


Mirasol 2000 Antistatic


250 ml



art. 102140





 tetenal black and white chemicals black and white



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