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C 41 Colour Developer Replenisher CD-R SP 45

Innovative Long Life formula, designed to meet the special demands of low workload condition, ideal for Professional Labs and Minilabs.
Application of SP 45 is most simple and safe – thanks to the ready-to-use 1-part formula mixing error is ruled out by 100%. The bottles are equipped with a straphandle, thus very convenient to use and most important: to effuse without any splashes.

SP 45 is a perfect start-up for mixing fresh colour developer working solution - applicable in any processor type, including Konica Minolta ecojet machines. Just fill the tank with water, add starter CD-S and SP 45.


Art. No. 102570


Long Life Formula.

2 x 5 litres Ready-to-use solution

Replenishment rate: 45 ml / 135-24


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