Photo chemicals for microfilms


Microtenal PC

Developer for microfilms for spray development in processor cameras

Art. Nr. 102539

5 liters ready-to-use solution

Developing time 10 s at 20oC


Microfix PC

Fixing solution for spray fixing in microfilm processor cameras

Art. Nr. 102541

5 litres


30oC = 10 s

50oC = 3 s


Microfix Speed

Art. Nr. 103635

5 litres

Ready-to-use fixing bath


Microlava Speed

Adjusted ready to use solution for accelerated standard processing of microfilms.
Processing usually done in integrated systems such as processing cameras and similar appliances.

Art. Nr. 103636

5 litres

Ready-to-use washing bath

Processing temperature  = 30-45oC

Processing time  = 4 - 8 s

Capacity = ca. 5m2


Microtelal LP

Microfilm developer for Card Film Laser Plotter

Art. Nr. 103826 part A

Art. Nr. 103828 part B

5 litres redy for use

Application 1Part A + 1 Part B