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tetenal chem cleaner

Efficient cleaner for stainless steel, plastic and glass. Removes tar, developer stain and other deposits. Supplied in a bottle with integral
spray valve. Ideal for the "intermediate" cleaning of colour developer racks. Very easy application: Spray on the surfaces to be cleaned,
leave to take effect for a minute or two, rinse off with water. Bottle with integral spray valve.


art. 103400  - 1 litr concentrate

art. 103401  - 5 litres concentrate






cleaner for minilabs Processor Cleaner Monochrome is a special cleaner for developer- and watertanks in X-ray, B&W and PrePress. 2-part powder formula. Not
suitable for Colour Developer tanks and B&W machines which are running with hydroquinone-free developers, e.g. Eukoprint Prof. AC and
colour processes. Easily removes even stubborn dirt, such as silver, silver sulphide and lime.


art. 104010  for 4 x 10 litres


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