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Colortec kits for C-41, RA-4 and E-6 are designed for rotary, drum an dish processing as well as for table top RT processors.



Processing kit consisting of colour developer, bleach fix plus stabilizer for C-41 compatible processing of all colour negative films. Easy mixing due to adjusted liquid concentrate parts.

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COLORTEC© C-41 RAPID NEGATIVE KIT has been specially designed for optimal development of each type of C-41 compatible colour negative film using rotary processing at 38°C/45°C. 


art. 102226 - kit 1 litr for 12 film 135/36

art. 102228 - kit 5 litres for 60 films 135/36




Kit consisting of colour developer and bleach fix for processing of RA-4 paper in table top roller transport machines at 35°C / 38°C.
Odourless technology. Simple application – excellent keeping properties of the working solutions (approx. 8 weeks). Easy mixing due to equal part quantities

COLORTEC © PROFESS IONAL PRINT KIT RT is an RA-4 type paper process designed for use in roller transport, drum or tank processors. We have reduced the CD components to 2 equal parts for more efficient mixing and incorporated our unique “Odourless Technology” for safer and more comfortable operation.

I litre of tank solution will process 2m2 of colour paper. Increasing the temperature of the colour developer can increase processing capacity up to 3 m2 per litre.


art. 102124 - kit 5 litres for 10 m2




Advanced 3 Bath formula plus stabilizer for processing of all standard E-6 reversal films in tanks and rotary processors.

COLORTEC© E-6 3-BATH is for the development of E-6 compatible colour slide films in rotary discard processors. With the “3-bath technology” the number of processing baths is reduced to three (+ stabilising bath). The film reversal takes place during the colour development. Bleaching and fixing are in a combined bleach fixer.


art. 102031 - kit 1 litr for 12 slide

art. 102034 - kit 5 litres for 60 slide


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