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the cartridge system for Agfa D-lab

compactline cartridges – minilab chemicals in cartridge form – are designed to match the operating procedures and handling of i.e. Frontier and d-lab minilabs.
In comparison to standard minilab chemicals, compactline cartridges offer a series of benefits in terms of convenience and efficiency.

agfa dlab


The advantages:

  • Compactline cartridges are designed to be docked on and replaced in a few simple steps – even by untrained staff.
  • Their ultra-compact design reduces storage requirements and with it logistical costs in the company.
  • All compactline components are so well matched with the relevant minilab in terms of their formulation and function that efficiency is maximised.




agfa d-lab 


 RA-4 Paper Cartridges Type 110

Replenisher kit with 2 cartridges for 2 × 110 m2

art. 103050


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