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Neopress HC is a rapid-action developer used specifically for fast processing (in journalism). In
spite of the short process times it features good contour sharpness, fine grain and good speed
yield. This developer is suitable both for processing in small and big tanks and for processing



1 litre of concentrate to produce 16 litres (at dilution of 1+15) or 32 litres (at dilution of 1+31)
working solution.


Concentrate unopened: 3 years.
Concentrate opened, protected with Protectan: 9 to 12 month.
Working solution 1+15 in brimful lightproof glass bottle: 5 to 6 month.
Working solution 1+31 in brimful lightproof glass bottle: 8 to 10 weeks.


Working solution 1+15 = 10 films per litre Working solution.
Working solution 1+31 = 5 films per litre Working solution.
equivalent to 160 films 35 mm 135-36 per litre concentrate.


Mixing the working solution: Dilution 1+11
Replenisher: Dilution 1+10
Replenishment rate per 135-36 film: 25 ml, process at 26°C.