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Universal Start-Up Kits


RA-4 Working Solutions prepared in the “blink of an eye”.
The Universal Start-Up Kits RA-4 makes the initial tank-up and refilling of Minilabs with fresh working solutions as simple as ABC! External mixing containers and complicated calculations with Starters etc., are no longer necessary. The mixing of the TETENAL Start-Up Kits is done directly in the appropriate working tanks of the minilab. Fill the tank with water as directed in the easy to follow comprehensive instructions, add the required number of start-up kits for your type of minilab as listed, top up with water, bring up to working temperature and you are ready to go!

Suitable for ALL RA type minilabs such as Agfa d-lab, Fuji Frontier, Noritsu, etc. They are truly Universal!


Universal Start-Up Kit P1

for 2 × 4,5 l Colour Developer RA-4

Art. No. 103022


Universal Start-Up Kit P2

for 2 × 4,5 l Bleach Fix RA-4

Art. No. 103023