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art. 102671


Universal new fixer concentrate for colour processes, designed for C-41 and E-6. Depending on the individual process the concentrate is diluted in a different ratio and applied without any further change of process parameters. Unicolor Superfix offers highest efficiency at simplified logistics and reduced freight costs.

Unicolor Superfix - Minilab processes:

C-41 RA: for 2 x 10 litres
C-41 BNP: for 2 x 20 litres
CN-16 Q: for 2 x 16 litres
CN-16 FA: for 2 x 4 litres
CN-16 L: for 2 x 4 litres

Unicolor Superfix - ProLab processes:

C-41: for 2 x 20 litres
E-6: for 2 x 24 litres